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ICO is over
ICO ended on Sep 29, 2016 20:00 UTC
2,000 BTC
10,000 BTC
21,000 BTC
2,000 BTC
10,000 BTC
21,000 BTC
6,901.4585 BTC 6,901
199,206.8296 ETH 199,206
3,995,994.6980 LSK 3,995,994
123,454.20 USD 123,454
2,496,470.96 EUR 2,496,470
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ICONOMI provides an opportunity for investors looking for high profits, not possible in the old economy. With newly developed financial instruments, ICONOMI will drive new investors and fresh capital into decentralised economy.
Establishing groundbreaking standards in transparency, all aspects of funds management will be accessible at all times.
Cutting edge security
No need to deal with complicated crypto-wallets or be afraid of losing your assets forever because you can’t find your private keys. We employ state-of-the-art security technology for you, with the storage of fiat and digital assets embedded into an Ethereum contract!
24/7 access to assets
As a never seen before feature, your funds will be highly liquid. 24/7 accessible withdrawals from day 1.
Simple to use
Designed for everyone. Guaranteed hassle-free onboarding with several crypto and fiat currencies.
Brought to you by the Cashila team, we are a registered small payment institution, licensed by the Czech National Bank and EU-wide legislation compliant.


ICONOMI Cryptocurrencies Index (ICNX)


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Last update: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 13:49:06 +0000


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Concept development
Q1 2016
Ether trading
Q2 2016
Whitepaper formalisation
July 2016
August 2016
Q4 2016
Q4 2016

Become an ICONOMI shareholder

Capital required for development and release of the ICONOMI platform will be secured through a crowdfunding campaign - ICONOMI Initial Coin Offering. ICONOMI will issue 100 milion ICONOMI tokens (ICN) 10 days after the crowdfunding campaign successfully ends.
Ethereum based
ICN will be an Ethereum based token of value, guaranteeing security, predictability and widespread compatibility, while at the same time providing a very easy and transparent way of profit sharing.
Total ownership
100 % of the ICONOMI tokens represent 100 % ownership of the ICONOMI platform. All intellectual property rights, trademarks, branding and other rights remain exclusively the property of the ICONOMI platform.
All major currencies and cryptocurrencies supported
We accept Bitcoin, Ether, Lisk, EUR, USD and all other currencies listed here.

Assets securely held in escrow
All non-fiat funds sent during the ICO will be immediately, with the next block after they are received, sent to a cold-storage, multi signature address. Private key holders will be announced before the ICO starts and will include several independant, well-known individuals from the crypto community.

How will the ICO funds be used?


Tim M. Zagar
Co-founder, Operations & Business
Infatuation with technology and business is part of my DNA. I have a passion for establishing business models which are yet to find their place on the market. Throughout my professional career I have put together and managed several teams working on rapid applications development. I started working full time on blockchain projects in 2013 with the goal of connecting the crypto field to the existing banking world. Cashila was the first Bitcoin company to get EU regulator approval to be registered as a financial institution. I believe that decentralised systems and open ledgers will integrate into the mainstream economy faster than the Internet did. While out of the office I spend my time riding any kind of board and I enjoy traveling around the less popular parts of the world.
Jani Valjavec
Co-founder, Technology & Trading
Developer, thinker, doer and predictor of the future. Always amazed by the new: New technologies, new places, new experiences. Cryptocurrencies were the new that sucked me in, as I believe they are a disruption that will enable unforeseen solutions for our society. Truly amazed with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Besides traveling in good company I enjoy kiteboarding, snowboarding or any other adrenaline sport.
Ales Lekse
Development lead
I have been writing software since I was a kid and been doing it for a living and for fun ever since. I excel in missing deadlines, and introducing interesting new bugs. At the office you can recognize me by having my earphones on. For what time I am not scribbling with the code I enjoy hiking, watching movies and other sources of procrastinations.
Ervin U. Kovac
Legal lead
When you combine passion for modern technology and a law degree, you end up exploring a lot of uncharted territories. Sometimes you strike gold, or, in my case, Bitcoin and blockchain, which have been my personal and professional topics of choice for quite some time. As I’m always on the hunt for new knowledge and experience I found myself in the middle of something extraordinary – Cashila. To offset the modern, there is my love for cars and everything with an internal combustion engine.
Domen Skalar
Infrastructure Lead
Behind every big story there is always infrastructure behind that must work 24/7. While my other colleagues live in the "clouds" my work is actually happening in the "Clouds". Most people find it boring but there must be people in this world that like it, I'm one of them. I like extreme sports but most probably this is not the right place where I should emphasize that... so... I like it slow... playing chess etc.
Jan Mohoric
Mobile development
Firstly I would describe myself as enthusiastic developer. Fortunately, I've started my business career as an iOS developer in an environment which has enabled me to constantly upgrade my developing skills. Undertaking successful projects with great results in the past has encouraged me to work on overcoming new development challenges in the future. I like spending my spare time in nature or doing any kind of sports. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that combination of pursuing sports in nature with my scout group fills me with lots of energy and joy.
Jaka Mele
Corporate communications
Jaka’s passion is disrupting the yet undisrupted. The Fintech industry is in his crosshair. He still bitterly remembers selling his first mined bitcoin block reward for 400€. He survived MtGox, is a DASH/ETH investor/miner and is very happy to have found ICONOMI funds, so he can further profit from the evolution of decentralised economy. While studying computer science he started writing, and became a full-time journalist and editor of the region’s biggest computer magazine. During last two decades he has published countless articles and columns. Before joining ICONOMI, he spent 5 years leading the corporate communications department at global technology corporation. He enjoys reading Sci-Fi, loves running, paddling SUP and dreams of the turquoise waters of Caribbean.
Tjasa Tolj
Marketing assistant
Being challenged both creatively and analytically, I like that I get to see content created from its embryonic stage to its full-blown master stage. I write stories, contribute creatively and assist wherever I can, within a context that interests me and with a team I admire. Intrigued by the technological innovations and the desire to create new value through media, my interests have expanded from linguistics and copywriting to international and public relations. To me, coding languages are aesthetic works. I am fond of protocols. My free time consists of purposeless walks and golf.


Aleksander Vasylchenko PhD
CTO Grid Singularity & Ex-CTO Mycelium
Zenel Batagelj
Co-founder, Managing Partner Valicon
Lyuben Belov
Co-founder, Managing Partner LAUNCHub
Stephane Gantchev
Partner at LAUNCHub
Domen Ursic
Independent PR advisor

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